Message from Andrew George | President of the National Black Police Association

Racism does not exist on it’s own, we must look hard at the institutions of our society and strive to weed out all forms of discrimination within them.

We cannot truly defeat racism while other forms of intolerance run rampant. It must be remembered there are Black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT+ people as well as those from other protected groups, who all experience intersectional discrimination. We don’t have any credibility in our struggle for a fair and equal system if we ignore the Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic people who are LGBT+ and the discrimination they face due to their intersectional characteristics.

We must show solidarity with other minority groups and we have to acknowledge the intersecting aspects of discriminatory behaviours & intolerance. We cannot tear down one wall of hatred & intolerance unless we tear them all down, together.

Police staff networks should work together in partnership to help end bias of any sort in policing and I am proud to support the National LGBT+ association in their fight for equality in policing.


Andrew George is an Inspector in the Police Service of Northern Ireland having completed 21 years’ service. He is also the President of the National Black Police Association which represents Black, Asian and Minority police officers and staff across the UK.