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Julie Barnes Frank Award 2022 | PS Rhian Carter

In July 2022 I attended the National Police LGBT+ Network conference in Belfast, Ireland. This was my second ‘physical’ conference (thanks covid!), with the first being the adorably titled ‘Cwtch Con’, hosted by the Welsh network in the heart of my home city, Cardiff in 2019. In 2019 I was a newly transitioning policewoman, having […]

Event | Bisexual Visibility Day 2022

How to be a better bi ally. This article was written by a UK based bisexual police officer, who does not feel they can be fully out at work. Although it may seem obvious to some, it may not be to others. Bisexuality is defined as a person who is attracted to people of different […]

Update | New Guidance on Non-Crime Hate Incidents

The College of Policing have issued new interim guidance to help police manage complaints from the public where an incident is said to be motivated by hostility or prejudice. The updates seek to redress the balance between freedom of speech and protecting vulnerable members of the public. The interim guidance supports officers and staff until the Home […]

Video | LGBT+ Network Supports Police Recruitment

Network Co-Chair Amy Tapping recounts her experience as an LGBT+ police officer in this video, made as part of the Police Uplift Programme. If you would like to know more about the Uplift including which areas are currently recruiting and what support is available, please visit the Uplift recruitment site here.

National LGBT+ Police Network Social Media

The National LGBT+ Police Network have implemented a new communications strategy for 2022-2023, within which are new guidelines for our social media. Communications Lead Paul Bloomer explains, Police officers have a duty to protect the public and keep people safe. This of course extends to our network’s members and people who come to our communication […]

Blog | The Power of Love – PC Paul Bloomer

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHoBiT) is a day which aims to unite our community against the hate that’s directed towards LGBT+ people. There are many tools at our disposal for fighting hate; education, raising awareness, creating empathy and understanding are powerful drivers for positive change in society. One thing that is often […]

Blog | LGBT History Month – PC Al Smith

I grew up in rural Devon during the introduction of Section 28 and remember the anti-gay tabloid headlines very well. I realised I was gay when I was 11 and was bullied throughout my time at school for being different. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t feel able to ‘come out’ until I’d escaped to university. I was […]

Blog | LGBT History Month – PC Adrian Tyson

My career in Cumbria police started in 1997 as a crime inputter before joining as a police officer in 1999 (seems a lifetime ago). I’d been surrounded by the police environment all of my life with my dad having been a police officer and I was lucky to work with him for the last 2 […]