Profile | Bee Bailey | Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. A day where we celebrate and acknowledge the lives and contributions of members of the trans community. This year, we are proud to profile some of our members and share what Transgender Day of Visibility means to them.


PC Bee Bailey – Gloucestershire Constabulary

Trans Day of Viability #TDOV has become ever more important to trans community and those who so kindly support.

I like many of my colleagues have indefatigably progressed trans awareness, having banged desks, rattled hinges, sent long and grumpy emails, waved flags and marched with passion, noble intent and best interests of trans communities, experiencing all the threat risk and harm this brought in a bid to cause progressive change knowing there has to always be visible trans folk to lead, to guide, to change for the better.

As years go by we bear the scars of these battles, we might not shout so loudly, we might not bang those desks, and as age and the wisdom inclines, we learn to listen more than we speak, then we watch and fathom where trans visibility is today, but do we feel a sense of where? Where are my trans colleagues and wider community, why are they not always seen or dare not be seen when we know they are there? Confidence, circumstances or opportunity. Visibility is so important, we must be visible because if we see, we know, we learn, we better understand, and then we slowly and surely gain confidence enough to be our very true selves securely knowing we are not alone.

This is what Trans day of visibility is for me, Bee.