Profile | Danni Gibson | Lesbian Day of Visibility

Today is Lesbian Day of Visibility. A day where we celebrate and acknowledge the lives and contributions of members of the lesbian community. This year, we are proud to profile some of our members and share what Lesbian Day of Visibility means to them.


Police Constable Danni Gibson – Cleveland Police

Hello I am Danni Gibson, and I am proud to be the current chair of the LGBT+ Network

I have been involved in the LGBT+ Network since we relaunched in 2015, and been Chair for the network since 2017.

I love being part of something that has many different functions within the force and representing Cleveland at national LGBT+ events.

I feel it is important for LGBT+ visibility to show support for all officers and staff. I am passionate about `driving forward the fact that every person should feel comfortable and confident to come to work and be their true selves without discrimination.

I identify as lesbian, and have been out within the work environment since I joined Cleveland Police as a PCSO in 2010. I felt that it was important that I could come to work and completely be myself with colleagues.

Growing up, I never saw anyone on TV, in life, police officers that were ‘like me’. I never knew anyone who was LGBT until I went to university in 2004. I believe this is the reason I didn’t understand my sexuality, or talk about it until then. This is when I finally felt completely myself!

This is one reason why I feel it is really significant for me personally to be open. If this encourages a colleague or friend to come to me if they are struggling with their sexuality, or to just be more comfortable to be who they are, then I am completely happy with that. Today there are many more lesbians visible, on TV, films, social media and in society in general. I think this is a huge help for young people to be more at ease to come out and not be in fear of doing so.

Lesbian Visibility Day is a day to recognise those who identify as lesbian, celebrate and embrace diversity. It is also important that Lesbian Visibility Day is used to educate around stereotypes of what it is to be a lesbian and that we aren’t all ‘femme’ or ‘butch’, that every person is individual and have their own identity, regardless of sexuality.