Profile | Will Ambler | Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. A day where we celebrate and acknowledge the lives and contributions of members of the trans community. This year, we are proud to profile some of our members and share what Transgender Day of Visibility means to them.


Will Ambler Communications Officer/Dispatcher – North Yorkshire Police

My name is Will and I have worked for North Yorkshire Police for almost 19 years. I work as a dispatcher in the Force Control Room. Even after 19 years I can honestly say I love my job. There are no two days the same. I love the fast-paced environment and having to multi- task. Sadly, this isn’t a skill I take home with me!

In March 2017 I opened up to close family and friends and “came out” as Transgender, changing my name to William. The name comes as a nod to my father, Thomas William. Life changed for me on Halloween that year when I had top surgery. It was like a weight had lifted and for the first time I felt like the truest version of myself. I now live the loveliest life with my partner and our 3 children, we don’t use the word “step” in our house. We have 2 dogs. A Sprocador called Bramble and a Labrador puppy called Ted. Life is busy, but that is how we like it. We enjoy being outside with the “wildlings” and playing football with my son.

I asked my family what my best quality is. My youngest 2 ignored the question. My eldest and my partner said kindness. I am very happy with that. My advice if you are wanting to join the Police Service is would be- be honest. Be truthful. Work hard with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t judge. Be ready to experience things you could never imagine seeing, and get ready to work with people who will become your family.

Why is TDOV important to me? This is a hard question really, but for me the main reason is awareness, I feel it’s the first step in trying to end discrimination. TDOV is a time to be visible and to celebrate how far we have come but also to acknowledge that we have so much further to go.